Arshaz Architects

With a lot of freedom, In our philosophy, We try to be a sculptor of architecture and passionate about possible transformations of space. We  always start with an idea and then visualize the project backward with lots of concepts, We do not try to force the main idea, but to let it emerge naturally.  That is, how we try to get it ready for the process. The main protagonists of our company are the scale and proportions. We process a lot with it,  and we believe that’s exactly what makes our architecture so inspiring. Our Mission is  to create beautiful, livable spaces that meet our client’s aesthetic, functional and economic goals, while respecting the environment. Our perspective is informed by a respect for historical Architecture coupled with an appreciation  of the playfulness and freshness of modern design.

Best regards,

[Faramarz Darabi]
[Architect  •  PhD]
[University Lecturer  •  Researcher]
[Founder CEO @Arshaz Architects]